Banshee 300MKG .45acp-Graphite Black

CMMG .45acp 5 barrel length TECHNICAL DATA
  • Caliber : .45acp
  • Barrel Length (mm): 5
  • Total Length (mm): 19.2
  • Total Length (refracted)(mm): 19
  • Total Length extended(mm): 22
  • Weight (approx. Kg, weapon only): 4lbs 10oz (unloaded)
  • Colors: Graphite Black,

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CMMG deliver its. lightest and most compact firearms within the BANSHEE line of short Barreled Rifles (SBR's) and AR pistols. Don't let these little guys fool you though. With a wide range of caliber offerings available, there's plenty of firepower in the BANSHEE line. With a variety of different barrel lengths and furniture to choose from, BANSHEE 100, BANSHEE 200 and BANSHEE 300 series will have the right combination for you when concealment and portability matter the most.