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Israel Weapon Industries, Ltd. 9X19mm SMG 240mm (9.4 barrel length TECHNICAL DATA
  • Caliber : 9X19mm
  • Rifling : 4 RH Grooves, 1:10
  • Barrel Length (mm): 240mm (9.4
  • Total Length (mm): 387mm
  • Weight (approx. Kg, weapon only): 2.6 Kg
  • Rate of fire (approx. rd./min): 1,000 - 1,150 Rd/min
  • Colors: Blued,

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More information :

The UZI PRO is the latest evolution featuring the most advanced firearms technologies. It is a major step for the UZI family in terms of the benefits gained from modern materials and design concepts in which modern polymers, MIL-STD 1913 (Picatinny) rails, an ergonomic shoulder stock, and a foldable hand grip were incorporated to obtain an up-to-date SMG.

The weapon was originated based on the user experience of Israeli Special Forces and has been redesigned to be lighter, more accurate, more reliable and still concealable.

All of these have been accomplished without compromising the functionality and reliability associated with the famous and legendary UZI. Since its first development the UZI continues to uphold the technological standards of the 21st century.


- Short and compact: easily concealed for special operations.

- Close bolt operation for maximum accuracy

- Integral picatinny rails for optical sights, devices and accessories

- Magazine release relocated in new polymer pistol grip for fast and simple magazine change

- Cocking handle located on receiver side, allowing full length Picatinny rail on top receiver cover

- Three safety mechanisms

- Modern ergonomic design

- Automatic and Semi-Automatic modes

- Ideal for VIP protection


- Blowback-operated

- Simple maintenance

- Easy-to-use by right or left hand fighter

- Silencer / suppressor - option

- Adjustable shoulder stock with mounted cheek rest