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Israel Weapon Industries, Ltd. 7.62X51mm RIFLES 584mm (23 barrel length TECHNICAL DATA
  • Caliber : 7.62X51mm
  • Rifling : 6 RH Grooves, 1:9.5
  • Barrel Length (mm): 584mm (23
  • Total Length (mm): 840mm Folded / 1,100mm Unfolded
  • Weight (approx. Kg, weapon only): 5.46 Kg

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The GALIL SNIPER Semi-Automatic is deployed by elite units around the world. It empowers sniper, typically active members of a fighting unit, and it distinguishes itself as the ultimate Sniper Rifle by having the proficiency to fire accurately to long distances of up to 1,000 meters targeting small, mobile or concealed objectives. The Semi-Automatic attribute enables multi-target acquisition.

The GALIL SNIPER Semi-Auto has proven to be a decisive factor in dense and extreme arenas.


- 7.62x51mm caliber

- 10 / 25 round magazine capacity

- x10 MIL-STD day telescope

- Back-up sights including tritium for night combat

- Two-stage trigger

- Reliable scope mount: no deviation after dismount and remounting

- Muzzle brake / jump compensator


- Foldable and adjustable bipod

- Adjustable hand-grip

- Adjustable butt monopod

- Ergonomic pistol grip

- Foldable butt stock with adjustable cheek rest

- combat carrying bag including sniper's mattress